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It produces eventual spaces offered to the investigation and the production of specific situations. It involves diverse locations, cities and communicational circuits and investigates strategies of non standard and economically possible production/presentation.
It is a platform focused in re-examining certain postulates of the vanguards respect to the relation art-society. Their collaborators, artists, curators, theorists, activists produce mainly interdisciplinary practices.

• it´s a publication like discussion and performance, an expanded concept of magazine.
• dialogues among different scenarios, essays, artists and projects. A deviation from the standard of the presentations and formats. It unfolds a web document archive that is being made up as a second version of the live presentations.
• processes the conflicts arisen by the minimum displacements of the known language to intermediate states.

this resource allows investigating the interstitial space and in permanent redefinition of the practices and artistic devices, emphasizing the procesual character and synchronize the relations between: artistic practice and theoretical reflection.

• It presents real situations, in situ project, essays, audio-visual pieces, performances and readings among others. It unfolds in two phases: live, to be built, heard and seen and on the web, to be broadcast on it.

• As a live device, it emphasizes its representational dimension when it gets involved in the settings, cities and different communication circuits.

• Its purpose is to generate in situ experiences in strategic places of in-progress intercultural flow and reflux, towards new ways of articulation and dialogue among ‘everyday life-thinking-art”.

• It makes the classifications and categories of nationality, region, artistic genders, etc more complex, presenting skills that invite us to undo the rule and narrative pathway, parameters that still today stiffen the Universe of Arts. In this way, it offers its contributors the possibility of editing or co-editing the upcoming presentations.




E7: Flows!! Capital´s Flows ::2008/2010 (
Rotterdam, Quito, Sao Paulo, Bilbao, Beirut, Buenos Aires, London, Reggio Emilia, Montevideo)
E6 :: The Paradigm Confines Tour :: 2007 / Barracuda Boat / on travel for the Beagle Channel / The End of the World Biennial / Ushuaia - Patagonia
E5 :: Mise en scène: an aprouch to the institutions :: 2006 / Fundación de Arte Contemporáneo / Montevideo
E4 :: Interferences :: /2006 / ArteBA / Buenos Aires
E3 :: Backstage :: 2005 / Puerto de Buenos Aires / Estudio Abierto / Buenos Aires
E2 :: Re-view Spaces and Limits :: 2004 / CCEBA - Centro Cultural de España / Buenos Aires
E1 :: Re-view Spaces and Limits :: 2004 / CCEBA - Centro Cultural de España / Buenos Aires

Concept and developing: Alicia Herrero
María Fernanda Cartagena, curator and critic (Quito), Karina Granieri, curator and artist, (Buenos Aires), Rana Hamadeh, artist (Amsterdam/Beirut), Alicia Herrero, artist, (Buenos Aires/Rotterdam), Miren Jaio, critic (Bilbao), Daniela Swarovsky, curator djs, (Rotterdam).
E6:: Alicia Herrero
E5: Alejandro Cesarco (U/USA) and Alicia Herrero (A).
E4: Alicia Herrero
E3: Belén Gache (A) - Alicia Herrero
(A) - Fernando López Lage (U) - Santiago Tavella (U).
E2: Alicia Herrero (A)
E1: Alicia Herrero (A)
Contributions by: Javier Abrew (U) - Enrique Aguerre (U) - Francis Alÿs (B/M) - Enrique Ariman (I/A) - Joaquín Barriendos (ME) - Ricardo Basbaum (BR)- Francisco Ali Brouchoud (A) - Clio Bugel (U) - Bill Burns (CA) - Luis Camnitzer (U/USA) - Alejandro Cesarco (U/USA) - Rafael Cippolini (A) - Carolina Comas (U) - Raimond Chaves (E/C/P) - Mirtha Dermisache (A) – Guy Debord (F) - Mara Facchín (A) - Leòn Ferrari (A) - Christian Ferrer (A) - Andrea Fraser (USA) - Belén Gache (A) - Jaime Iregui (CO) - Miren Jaio (E) – Jacqueline Lacasa (U) – Gilda Mantilla (P) - Diego Melero (A) - Juan Molina y Vedia (A) - Antoni Muntadas (E/USA) - M7red (A) – Margarita Paksa (A) - Olivia Plender (UK) - José Roca (CO )- Suelly Rolnik (BR) - Gustavo Romano (A) - Juliana Rosales (U) - Paula Rial (U) - Rirkrit Tiravanija (A/T/USA) - Transnational Republic (D) - Robert Smithson (USA) - Dani Umpi (U) – Roberto Unterladstaetter (BO) – René Viénet (F) – Horacio Zabala (A) - Carla Zaccagnini (BR . Concept : Alicia Herrero

MIS was presented in:

Lecture Becoming Dutch, november 2007, Van Abbemuseu, Eindhoven
Traveling Magazine Table - Insa Art Space of the Arts Council Korea / november /2006 /Seoul, Korea
, July/2006, Fundación de Arte Contemporáneo, Montevideo.
Living Room, Cultura y Media, 20-30 /august/2006, Centro Cultural San Martín, Buenos Aires
The Agnostic and the Contemporary/10-17/ october /2006 /AK28, Stockholm, Sweden
Dialogic process: Magazine in Situ/24/ october/ 2006/video -paper + conference/Centro Cultural de España, Montevideo.
Complex process of links/9 /november/ 2006 /video-paper + conference/2# Jornadas universitarias de Creación y Nuevos Medios Universidad de Palermo/Buenos Aires

Collaborating Institutions and organizations:
CCEBA / Centro Cultural de España en Buenos Aires
Biennial The End of the Work, Argentina.
Estudio Abierto /Secretaría de Cultura / Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires
Untref / Universidad de Tres de Febrero
fac / Fundación de Arte Contemporáneo
Autoskola/ Bilbao
Collectivo Sototettto/ Reggio Emilia

electronic adress::

metropolitan adress:

Pedro Echagüe 1716 (1130)
Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires.