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Capital´s Flows # 7 spanish
(in progress since 2008)



Conversation tables
Documents and analysis material: texts, projects, dossier, interviews.
Manifestos: theoretical research team / mini call. Institutional context: cultural actors
Art projects
Flows of capital/artists
Value change/value use
Choral mapping
Other economies


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Magazine in Situ produces eventual spaces offered to the investigation and the production of specific situations and themes.

fLOWS! Capital´s Flows proposes to investigate the tension between art and economy creating a path of flows that works out like series of in situ talks, meetings and groups of projects and texts.

The talks in situ to be carried in several bars and cafes from different cities of the world, and work out as preliminary and/or parallel investigation to the online texts, projects and editions. This issue arises as a process that also documented a significant moment of capitalism.


Duration: around 3 years
Locations: bars and cafes from several cities.
Issue: reflections, interchanges and discussions regarding tension between economy, flows of capital (artistic/social/economic) - value concept and art practice.


Texts, projects, investigations, links.

Organization of the conversation tables:
They are possible through the collaboration and the interest of several artists, critics, curators, writers, activists, philosophers, anthropologists, producers and cultural agitators.

These CONVERSATION TABLES happen since August 2008 officers carried out in bars and cafes in Buenos Aires (AR), Quito (EC), Beirut(L), Sao Paulo (BR), Reggio Emilia (IT), Bilbao (ES), Rotterdam (HO), London (GB), New York (USA), Rio de Janeiro (BR), Montevideo (UR) and it is expected in the following months the inclusion of:Tijuana, La Havana, La Paz, among others.


Who has collaborated as host/collaborator (A/C):Autoeskola (artist iniciative), María Fernanda Cartagena (curator/crític), Karina Granieri(curator/artist), Rana Hamadeh (artist), Alicia Herrero (artist), Sophie Hope (curator)http://makingliving.blogspot.com/, Miren Jaio (critic), Daniela Swarovsky (curator/DJ), Nicolas Vass (artist), Pedro Lash (artist), Helmut Batista (Capacete), Collettivo Sottotetto, Fran Ilich (ciber-artist) http://www.radiomutante.net/ ).


Narda Alvarado (artist), Ricardo Antón (director of Amasté www.amaste.com), Diego Arias (artist), Lara Almarcegui (artist), Knut Birkholz (curator/art professor and translator), Tony Chakar (architect, member of The Atlas Group), Collettivo Sottotetto(housing project), Ximena Davalos (photographer), Oier Etxeberria (artist), Jenny Jaramillo (artist/urbanism and architecture), Iñaki Martínez de Albeniz (sociologist), Asier Mendizabal (artist), Nina Möntmann (curator/critic), María Mur, (director of Consonni) (www.consonni.org), Isabel de Naverán (artist and art scenic theorist) (http://artesescenicas.uclm.es/index.php?sec=inves&id=13), Dayana Rivera (artist/producer),Paco Salazar (photographer/ cultural agitator http://www.pacosalazar.com ), Karen Solorzano (artist/producer), Katharina Schlieben (curator Shedhalle), Ulises Unda (artist/curator), Gabriel Villota Toyos (professor of audiovisual communication). Capacete http://www.capacete.net/index.php?/entrada/
(Projeto em parceria com a FUNARTE)
Ana Luisa Lima - Revista Tatuí – Recife/PE.
Lilian Maus - Ateliê Subterrânea – Porto Alegre/RS.
Samantha Moreira- Ateliê Aberto – Campinas/ SP .
Francisca Caporalli – JACA – Belo Horizonte/MG
Paulina Varas - Crac Valparaiso – Valparaiso/Chile
Rodrigo Quinjano – curador/gestor independente – Lima/Peru
Olga Robayo – El Parche – Bogotá/Colômbia - Oslo/Noruega
Mauricio Marcin – Gestor independente – Cidade do México/México
Luis Alarcón e Ana Maria Saavedra - Galeria Metropolitana – Santiago / Chile
Mauricio Carmona – Taller 7 – Medellin/ Colômbia

Collaborating organizations to date in Flows!: Artist Residence Aguilhas Negras, Sao Paulo, Brazil; Sao Paulo Contemporary Cultural Center , Brazil; Autoskola and Anti, Bilbao; Spain, Capacete, Rio de Janeiro.







The development of this edition is being considered as an essay on the possibilities in the generation of production for intellectual and artistic work resources. A case of theoretical and practical study being MAGAZINE IN SITU an independent and artistic device that produces different arrangements in each edition.


How do you evaluate production, movement and (cultural) consumption of services or productions respect to your practices, in terms of auto sustainability?
How are the frame or contexts by where these circulate? What kind of capital (taking the concept in a broad sense) and flows interchange with them?
Are these in correspondence with the values and beliefs of the social and artistic community membership?Do you think your practices activate new problems, areas and production, movement and assessment strategies?
The tight space of the institutions of art does affect the way of transit the issues? How? Do you have any critical stance or project to that effect? What are at link with other projects on the issues?

Places :
patio Capacete, Rio de Janeiro
3 differents bars from London
Time Out - Monot - Beirut
Bar created during the conversation while a house Cartoneira are taked, Reggio Emilia, Collettivo Sottotetto
Bar Marzana - Bilbao
Bar de La Cárcova - Buenos Aires
Cafe del Centro de Arte Contemporáneo - Quito
De Oude Sluis y Cafe Yvonne - Delfhaven - Rotterdam
Jardín de la residencia de artistas "Agulhas Negras" (during Summer Sessions) - Sao Paulo


Desobediencia Económica Enric Duran t13

Daros Latinamerica: Memorias De Un Legado Peligroso por Guillermo Villamizar t12

Primer encuentro Iberoamericano sobre arte, trabajo y economía, Quito t11

Art & Labour Summit L2-0Bibliografía t10
Espai Marx t9

Art & Labour Summit t8(print the Jornal: Art Work)

Espai Marx t9

Art Work
t8 (print the newspaper -pdf)

Salidas incalculables por Marion Von Osten t7

Archive: Art Workers Coalition (revisited) t6

Living in Transition
Toward a Heterolingual Theory of the Multitude
Sandro Mezzadra t5

Caught Between Two Stools – or on the necessity of considering new approaches to funding culture (an unasked-for final report) de Sønke Gau and Katharina Schlieben t4

Las Formas del Capital, Pierre Bourdieu t2

Prologue of : A Contribution to the Critique of Political Economy, Charles Marx t1


Flows! InSitu investigations :
quito - buenos aires - reggio emilia- sao paulo - beirut - bilbao - rotterdam - montevideo - london